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Our company offers powder coatings from three renowned and proven manufacturers. These are IGP, Europolveri and Arsonsisi, for which we also work as their exclusive distributor in the Czech and Slovak Republics. Thanks to this, we have a very wide range containing everything from basic interior paints to special facade paints designed for the most prestigious architectural projects.

We usually keep a large number of these colours in stock in our logistics centre. We deliver the goods as a standard within 24 hours and, based on customer requirements, we can even deliver within a few hours.

Basic characteristics of powder coatings

Powder coatings are a modern and environmentally-friendly solution for the surface treatment of all kinds of products. They belong to the group of so-called industrial coatings and consist of a mixture of resins, pigments, or other raw materials, which, for example, give the powder coatings hardness, gloss, or the desired depth of the matt, create a structural surface, and much more. This mixture has a dry powder consistency. The powder coating is not diluted for application nor it is dissolved in any liquid. It is applied in powder form using compressed air, which forms a liquid mixture after mixing with the powder.

Distribution of powder coatings according to type

  • Epoxy (EP), designed exclusively for indoor use. Cery resistant to corrosion and some chemicals.
  • Epoxy polyester (PEP), so-called hybrid, or also “mixes”, are the most widely-used powder coatings today. Designed primarily for the indoor environment, but can also be used on products that are exposed to the weather for a short time.
  • Polyester powder coatings (PES) are designed primarily for outdoor use due to their high resistance to UV radiation and other weather conditions.
  • Polyurethane powder coatings (PUR), which are very resistant to weather conditions. Transparent polyurethane powder coatings show high clarity.
  • Acrylic powder coatings (AC) can also be used for outdoor use and their strong point is their high resistance to chemicals, among other things.

Colour scales

Powder coatings are commonly produced in many design options and across a huge range of shades. The shade palette is usually based on an internationally recognized sample card with the RAL designation. We can also offer shades according to other sample cards, such as RAL DESIGN, RAL EFFECT, NCS, Pantone, Munsell, and more.

In addition to these basic types, powder coatings with various appearance effects are also produced (some examples include metallics, antiques, mother-of-pearl, glitter, etc.).